That timeless tune

That timeless tune

Yet it fits an older time

Do you recognize it?

And does it take you back

Back in time

This mental time travel

To a place you’ve never been

Only imagined-From before you were born

What does it say?

What does it touch?

Feel the extension

The long stretch

Thinner and thinner

Clay, putty, plastic, metal

It doesn’t really matter

It doesn’t really show

And that’s okay

Just a façade or is this

The real the new

The way it’s meant

And what did you lose?

Do you even care?

I do.

Was it worth it?

Bet it wasn’t

Feeling the smooth soft

Feel everything

Is this right yet?

Have I plunged in yet again

“And what would you recommend?”

Can you?

Or is everything important

Pages full of bright yellow

Not of pink or blue or orange or green

That’s okay too

But where is the importance?

Dog ears, and kitty whiskers?

Meaning, simple meaning

Can you trace it back

Does the origin even matter?

Of course. – But why?

And is the integral still the same

Forward or backwards?

What about the derivation. I don’t know

“And that’s not okay” – why?

When will you be taken back

When will it show what you lack

Will you travel to a place you’ve never been

Where the rules are different

To a time that never was-

A time and place you could never be

And will you even notice then?

Will you even care then?

I don’t know

I don’t know

And that’s not okay

But it has to be…