Above the Clouds

Bursting out of the waves of black,

Mobile mountains of mist,

We arc into a vast sea with Sparkling points of light,

As we soar towards the stars. They,

Uninterrupted, Unbroken, Unapologetic-

Nothing to stop them from here.

Distant yet in our midst.

For them is why I fight,

This sky full of stars you must fly into, to see.

Their icy, objective, nuclear bursts to put the glowing smears of the world below into perspective.

What is right is not difficult to discern here.

Even if my world does not touch their shining spheres,

I cherish them as though we do.

They remind me of the best parts of myself.

Who I am meant to be.

And how I will make the world better with them,

If just for wonder of majesty.