Goldstein impresses as new starting QB

In his first year under center as the Oles’ quarterback Jack Goldstein ’18 is off to an explosive start, currently placing third overall in the conference with 223.7 passing yards per game and second with a total of eight touchdowns. His dynamic presence in the starting roster has led St. Olaf to some surprising early success, most notably a 69-14 blowout victory against Grinnell in which Goldstein led the charge with four touchdowns.

Q: What’s going through your mind before the snap, and how does that change depending on the situation?

A: I go through the same progression before every snap regardless of the score of the game. I start by trying to figure out what the defense is going to do by looking at what coverage they are running and if they are sending any pressure. After I have a good idea of what to expect, I think about where the openings will be based on what play was called and if I need to change anything prior to snapping the ball.

Q: What role models do you follow, or rather who inspires you to keep improving?

A: My parents have been my biggest role models and fans my entire life. They have always been there for me no matter the situation. My teammates are who inspire me to keep improving every day. I want to play my best for them so that we can have as much success as possible on the field.

Q: What challenges do you still face, and how do you think you can overcome them?

A: There is a challenge every Saturday that we need to overcome as a team. Every person on the team needs to strive to get better each day so that we can have success on Saturdays. It is a difficult task, especially during a long season, to make every practice as important as a game. Our coaching staff has stressed this each day and it is hard not to notice the strides we have taken on a daily basis.

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