Humans of St. Olaf: February 19, 2016

“I can’t really see what’s gonna happen in the future. But I could see myself doing things that impact the lives of people, in a positive way, and making a difference in the world, not just on a small level, but trying to make, you know, some big changes in whatever community I find myself in.

I’m interested in psychology, so I think that helping people mentally and helping people to be happy, especially in an age where everyone is concentrated on themselves or concentrated on being the best.

You know, it’s okay to be wrong, and it’s okay to have mental issues. And if you can work those out and make people feel happy in whatever environment they are in, people would just work better together and it would be a better place for everyone.

The one thing I’ve thought about a lot is how can you get money and at the same time use that money to help people. You want to be well off yourself so you can enjoy life the way you want to enjoy it. But if other people aren’t enjoying their lives and you can have a positive impact in what they do, then you should be able to do both at the same time, you know, because, in that way, everybody wins. You’ll get the credit for making them feel happy, which makes you feel better.”