Humans of St. Olaf: February 26, 2016

“I grew up in a small town far away from here. Compared to my friends, I never really have much money, and I’m not the smartest or most attractive. My family isn’t the wealthiest; we don’t live on a lake or have a boat. I thought that was okay, I mean, why would my family be needing a boat or a house by a lake to be happy? Then I came to St. Olaf, a place in which all these things seem necessary to fit in with the ‘cool kids.’ Please don’t get me wrong friend, I love it in here, just that I’ve been having a hard time trying to fit in. Everyone seems too busy to notice that I have depression, that sometimes all I need is people asking me how I am, ‘cause, well, we all need love, am I right?”

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