Humans of St. Olaf: March 11, 2016

What was the scariest moment of your life?

“When I was in the UK, I was at boarding school, and one day my dorm caught fire, and I was left with whatever was in my backpack and the clothes I was wearing. I was so scared because I had nothing, and I didn’t know how to survive without things. I was thinking so much about my stuff, my new laptop, my phone, but I realized that what mattered most to me were the gifts, the pictures of all my friends and all the memories I had collected for the past two years.”

That’s hard to imagine.

“But then I came back to our emergency room after the fire meeting and planned to take a nap on my makeshift bed and I found that my bed was scattered with many colored papers and candies and three different bags of clothes. They were all from my friends saying that they will be here no matter what, and even if I didn’t have clothes, I had them.”

What did you learn from that?

“Basically I learned how fickle things are.”

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