Humans of St. Olaf: March 4, 2016

“The thing about friendships is, you know, that you start to get complacent or comfortable with the fact that your friends are the people that you’ve been used to for so long, and you start to take people for granted. I think especially about my best friends from home – the transition into college made me realize how lucky I was with them, you know. I came into college at first like, ‘Oh my gosh. They are so full of drama and I don’t need that in my life.’ But knowing how they have been in my life and everything, I learned to appreciate that.”

What about your friendships here at St. Olaf?

“Everyone is so friendly. I think at first it felt a little wearing because I was worried that some of the people offering friendships were just being nice and wouldn’t follow up. But most people do, which is great. I think what is hard to do is to get into a friend group. I’ve tried making new friends. I’ve gone out of my comfort zone, but maybe I’d get accepted and maybe I wouldn’t. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes people are really comfy in their friend groups, and you don’t get fully let in. They will be nice to you, but you won’t feel like a part of the group.”

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