Paulsen returns to the slopes

NAME: Bri Paulsen

SPORT: Nordic Skiing

HOMETOWN: Eden Prairie, Minn.

HIGH SCHOOL: Eden Prairie High School

MAJOR:Exercise Science

NORDIC BACKGROUND:When I was little I fooled around on skis with my family, but I didn’t actually learn to ski until my freshman year of high school.

WHY I CAME TO ST. OLAF:I transferred to St. Olaf this year, but the strong community atmosphere is what intrigued me most. Campus felt at home to me, but that’s probably because most of my family has gone to St. Olaf.

PRE-MEET RITUAL: Nothing too crazy, but I quite enjoy having a cup of coffee a few hours before I race.

PUMP-UP SONG: “Worth It” by Timeflies and “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen

FAVORITE MOVIE: “Phantom of the Opera”

FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Modern Family”

FAVORITE BOOK: “Harry Potter”


FAVORITE FOOD: Any kind of fruit


RANDOM FACT: I really like to play piano. I’m not very good, but I love trying to learn new songs when I get the chance.

PLANS AFTER ST. OLAF: That’s a great question.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT AS AN OLE ATHLETE:The first race of the season at Telemark. I hadn’t competed in a long time, so it felt exhilarating to race again and overcome the challenging course. I had almost forgotten how much I loved it.

BEST ADVICE YOU HAVE RECIEVED: “Do what you love and love what you do.”

GOALS FOR REST OF THE SEASON: We race in Lake Placid, N.Y. in a week, and I hope to perform well there.