Public Safety reports English department break-in

After discovering a suite door within the English department that appeared to have been tampered with on the morning of Oct. 18, Rolvaag Memorial Library staff called Public Safety to investigate the situation. After taking a closer look at the door, Public Safety concluded that someone may have entered the room without permission. Once inside the suite, it appeared someone had in fact tampered with the door and removed an item from the room.

“The cabinets were found open and the custodian stated he thought an iMac desktop computer was missing,” Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management Fred Behr said.

Public Safety examined other doors and offices in the English department nearby but found “no credible evidence” of tampering elsewhere.

“At this time, we believe the computer was last seen Friday Oct. 13 about 5 p.m. and discovered missing the morning of the 18 at 8:15. So far, the computer is the only item reported missing from the room,” Behr said.

After the theft was discovered, an email was sent to faculty and staff regarding the incident. While no other items are thought to have been stolen, Behr commented that “this remains an ongoing investigation.” Moving forward, Public Safety encouragesmembers of the community to keep valuable possessions out of plain view in offices and rooms, to lock doors to personal spaces when away and to report any suspicious behavior to Public Safety at (507) 786-3666.