Trump’s tweets increases tension between US and North Korea

Twitter may be the worst thing to happen to this country as of late. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Twitter, the social media platform that brings you funny memes and connects people with the most recent events from around the world. This care-free, escapist platform changes drastically, however, when the President of the United States uses it as his main tool for


On Monday morning, amid the heightening conflict with North Korea, the Foreign Minister of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho, claimed that President Trump has declared war on the nation. This claim directly results from a typical 10 p.m. Trump tweet which read; “Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won’t be around much longer!”

Underneath the name-calling and reactionary sentiments, the phrase “they won’t be around much longer” was interpreted as a threat of war by the North Koreans. Upon elaboration, Ho stated that any U.S. plane flying over North Korea will be shot down, this would be a direct act of war.

This simple 24-word tweet has major implications. This could mean the deployment of thousands of American soldiers to a nation that prides itself on militarization and the opposition of western values.

Now, President Trump has not constitutionally declared war through Congress, and there may be a process of deescalating in the future, but this should serve as a message to the President and his staff: Trump’s tweets can cause serious problems.

The President cannot continue his 140-character tirade attacking everything from Hillary Clinton to the NFL. The medium on which he chooses to communicate his domestic and foreign policy plans is accessible to anyone around the world with a Twitter account. This not only sends a message of carelessness and amateurism within the reputable role of the President of the United States to the world, but undermines the safety of our country.

The President is an elected representative of the people, and should convey and

express the interest of the people, not personal agendas. As entertaining as President Trump’s tweets can be, there is a certain selfishness in advancing overtly personal and propagandist sentiments through tweets. While for some Trump’s tweets and the ideas he demonstrates accurately reflect their views, this is not the case for many Americans.

At some point enough has to be enough. Maybe it is Trump’s apolitical background or his incessant need to boast of his achievements and put down those he deems “losers,” but his Twitter account is doing nothing to help the growth and security of our country.

North Korea will jump at any opportunity to display its military might against the United States, and Trump is giving them plenty. President Trump needs to realize the severity of a possible war and acknowledge that the forceful message he has tweeted is being taken literally. 

For the safety of the United States and the world, these condescending and blatantly provocative tweets have to stop.

The immaturity with which President Trump has been treating the office of the President is starkly visible within his Twitter account, and must be discontinued if our country is to steadfastly and peacefully progress into the future.

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