Driving service in town

The popular ride-hailing app Lyft is now available in Northfield, Minn. While there are no drivers that reside in Northfield, drivers from the Twin Cities and Faribault occasionally service passengers if they happen to be in the area. As a result, Lyft’s expanded coverage often comes with long wait times.

Nonetheless, many students expressed excitement and optimism at Lyft’s arrival.

“I think Lyft is a great alternative compared to the poor taxi services we have here around Northfield,” Devin Murphy ’20 said.

Other students were more skeptical.

“As for Lyft, I really don’t think it’ll make much of an impact,” Matthew Dufresne ’20 said.

Alexis Legigand ’19 didn’t think he would ever use Lyft in Northfield, but that it might be useful for some people. “I would rather either ask friends to drive me around or just walk,” Legigand said.

Hailing rides via the Lyft app in town takes quite some time, and often the app can’t find drivers at all.

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