I Miss Ya

I miss you
I miss walking to Suffolk with you
I miss us buying freezit drinks at that old man’s corner
And if we were rich and had 50c, we would buy Zapnax
If not sometimes, Jiggies for 20c

I miss riding to Copacabana with you
I remember we loved it when the taxi went through the inner route
That way it would go through that uphill road somewhere in Avondale
And we would both wait for the moment it started to go downhill
I can hear us laughing
I guess that was our own special rollercoaster experience

I miss having meals with you
Though you were ever so critical about the way I ate
“Tari, you eat like a mouse!”
But that’s the beauty of it… you noticed
Do you still remember how good those pies tasted?
The ones at the Blue Lagoon shop
I don’t but I do see us smiling with crumbs covering our mouths

I miss us waiting for taxis to come
The conversations we had during those times
Were the most unscripted of any I’ve ever had

I miss fighting with you
Those fights, I’ll tell you really hurt me
But they revealed the depth of my love for you
For every time I told myself I had had enough of you
I always found myself back being friends with you

I miss the way you are so into yourself
Honestly, it annoys the heck out of me
But it is how you are

I miss calling you having absolutely nothing to say
Then thirty minutes and two dollars more worth of airtime
I still haven’t had enough time talking to you

I miss your inner strength, your fearlessness, your resilience
I’ve always been jealous of you for having those qualities in you
But they are what I am most proud of you

I miss our dialogues in that old and uncovered 184 paged notebook
I miss knowing how you are
I miss loving you
I miss the comfortableness of your presence
I miss walking down to Suffolk with you
I miss you