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Running Late

In the morning I woke up,
I was slightly late, so I ran in haste.
But something would have to keep me up.
A nice breakfast – good in taste.

Everyone was going up the stairs
Same as me
But they were walking in pairs
No opening for me

However, they were at the right side of the stairs
Thankfully the dividing bar of the stairs kept the left side completely empty
So I quickly went up the stairs
Nice and directly

I swiped my card and picked up my plate
I was about to wait in the long line
But I realized that this would make me run late
So I took a few apples instead (maybe five)

I ate the apples one by one until I was done at last
I then went to the tray leaving place to leave my tray
However, my classroom was closed, even though I ran fast
So I checked my phone; apparently today was the wrong day

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