The Game of Life

Look around you,
not at yourself.
If you haven’t noticed,
you aren’t alone.

Look around
at the People,
People who love, support
People who inspire, challenge
People who drain, hurt

You are not

The world does not revolve around
as much as you would like to believe. 

Instead, believe me,
Believe: each one of us
Has dreams, goals, passions,
Has friends, family, mentors,
Has struggles—that we hide so well
as if it is a treasure,
But don’t bury that treasure under
some dirt,
Because it’s not meant to be there.
Take that treasure and share it
With people you trust,
Be vulnerable.

Only then will you see:
You are not alone.
You and I struggle,
and so do others.
You are not alone.

Believe me.
Believe yourself.

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