Satire: Couple goes on one date to the Ole Store, announces engagment

Two Oles find themselves getting ready for both graduation and marital bliss. Congratulations are in order for the recent engagement of seniors Henrik Bjornstaad ’20 and Grace Anderson ’20.

“We’ve only been talking for about a month, but when he declared his econ major this fall, I started thinking about our relationship as end-game,” said Anderson.

After the brave step of taking things to the next level by taking things off campus, Bjornstaad popped the question at the end of their meal. “I knew that if we could handle the Ole Store, we could handle anything,” said Bjornstaad.

“Ever since Henrik wore that hot nordic sweater during Christmas Fest last year, I had a good feeling about him, but when he asked me to go eat off campus, I knew things were really getting serious,” said Anderson, beaming.

When asked what she is most looking forward to about their wedding, Anderson said “probably the vows. Henrik is really one of those strong and silent types, so I can’t wait to hear what he actually likes about me.”
Bjornstaad declined to comment his response.

After their obligatory period of post-graduation unemployment, the future Bjornstaads hope to return to Northfield and work as faculty here at St. Olaf.

“So many of our professors have spouses that also work for Olaf that it has really shaped our image of the ideal marriage,” Anderson said.

St. Olaf has historically had a knack for bringing people together. The jury is still out on whether social pressure or the extended chilly cuffing season is the more powerful matchmaker.

Is this a sign that the typical burst of “Ring by Spring” engagements will be starting early this year? Regardless, love is in the air, and it’s never too early to start thinking about which of your classmates might be your happy-ish ever after.