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Jacob Boettcher wins Gender and Sexuality Senator special election


Jacob Boettcher ’22 is the Student Government Association’s (SGA) new Gender and Sexuality Senator after narrowly defeating Sakura Honda ’21 in a special Nov. 19 election.

The election was called after Maggie Upjohn ’20 resigned from the position Nov. 4 due to time constraints. Boettcher received 51.8 percent of 198 total votes, trumping Honda’s 48.2 percent.

The Gender and Sexuality Senator serves as a liaison between campus gender and sexuality groups, relevant courses, Carleton College and the Northfield community, according to an email from SGA President Devon Nielsen ’20 and Vice President Ariel Mota Alves ’20.

In his new role, Boettcher aims to “increase the visibility of LGBTQIA+ staff and faculty on campus through events,” use “LGBTQIA+ aligned events” to bring St. Olaf College students and Carleton College students together, advocate that the city of Northfield and Carleton work with St. Olaf to craft events that connect LGBTQIA+ students with mentors and continue the call for increased mental health support services on campus, according to the Oleville website. He also aims to collaborate with Honda.

“I really love Sakura,” Boettcher said. “I think there are so many perspectives that Sakura has that I don’t have and I think it’s just not an individual perspective that will make things happen but multiple people.”

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