Klobuchar, a good bet for president

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar formally announced her campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential race Friday, Feb. 8. Klobuchar joins a vast and diverse field of potential Democratic nominees that is likely to continue growing. Klobuchar is among 12 confirmed candidates, with even more – including former Vice President Joe Biden, –likely to join the race in the coming weeks. So far, many of the critiques surrounding the  confirmed candidates address the general inexperience of many of the candidates, the geographic distinctions of several candidates and the women majority.

Though Klobuchar falls into the pool of being a woman, she evades the other offered critiques of the candidates. It is those two critiques – experience and location – where Klobuchar sets herself apart and offers a clear advantage compared to her Democratic opponents.

In her announcement address, Klobuchar placed heavy emphasis on her fight for the Midwest. In his presidential campaign, Donald Trump swung several Midwestern states to his side, a critical part of his path to victory. Klobuchar, who hails from Minnesota and represents her state in the Senate, has the ability to cultivate a home-field advantage and take back many of the states Trump won. Candidates such as New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren, both from East Coast states, recently took trips to Iowa to begin to rally the first caucus state to their side. If Klobuchar can rally the Midwest to her side, which she is in a fantastic position to do, she maintains a clear advantage in these decisive Midwestern states.

“In a political age of radicalism, insincerity and partisanship, Klobuchar has the capability to move the country in a positive direction without tearing it apart in the process.” – Jake Maranda ’22

The second advantage Klobuchar holds over her counterparts is her wealth of meaningful political experience. In her almost thirteen years as a Minnesota senator, Klobuchar sponsored 709 bills – more than any other Democratic senator over that period of time. Klobuchar has also sponsored the highest amount of bipartisan legislation compared to her Democratic peers, meaning her bills are liked by both Republicans and Democrats. The other potential nominee coming close to matching Klobuchar’s experience is New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has served for 10 years. While Gillibrand may have the experience, she comes from the East Coast and can’t match Klobuchar’s Midwest advantage.

Amy Klobuchar, a tough woman from the Midwest, has embraced, to great effect, the pragmatic style of politics that I love. I was truly ecstatic to hear that she decided to run because I believe she is the best woman for the job. She has proven, in her questioning of Brett Kavanaugh and her heavy-handed attacks on the unethical healthcare industry, that she is unafraid to combat the big business establishment.

But, critically, she will do it in a practical and meaningful manner. Her track record shows we can expect success. 

In a political age of radicalism, insincerity and partisanship, Klobuchar has the capability to move the country in a positive direction without tearing it apart in the process. This is why Amy Klobuchar, our home-state senator, is the best bet for the Democratic party and for America.

Jake Maranda ’22  (marand1@stolaf.edu) is from Rock Island, Ill. His major is undecided.