Registrar changes add/drop system, allowing electronic faculty signatures

Students no longer need physical signatures from faculty to add or drop a course and can instead receive signatures over email, one of several changes Registrar Ericka Peterson announced in an Oct. 11 email.

The new add/drop policy came after witnessing the stress of students needing a physical signature from faculty, Peterson said.

Peterson also announced some changes to registration holds designed to remove barriers and make registration less stressful. Previously, if students did not remove all holds prior to when registration opened, they would have to wait until after registration closed to sign up for classes. With the new change, once students remove the holds and notify the Registrar’s Office, they will be able to join the registration process, Peterson said.

The Registrar also added a feature to SIS to streamline the search for classes, adding searches for specific major and concentration requirements.

For those who have questions about how to register for spring and interim or about the recent changes, the Center for Academic and Advising Support (CAAS) will be holding support sessions on Nov. 1.

“We’re trying to make it less stressful for students, we’re trying to make it more equitable for students,” Peterson said.