Giannis needs help

Giannis Antetokounmpo has climbed the NBA ladder. Coming into the league as a scrawny 6’9” forward with lots of room to grow, Giannis took advantage of every off-season until now to become a dominating force. Two league MVPs, Defensive Player of the Year, Most Improved Player — the list of accolades goes on. 

Yet, when we think of Giannis now, all we can think of is how the Miami Heat just cruised past the Bucks with a gentleman’s sweep. Why is one of the top players in the league struggling so much in the playoffs? The answer is as simple as not having a sidekick.

Throughout the years, Giannis hasn’t been paired up with many people that we can call “stars.” Kris Middleton has been the best partner Giannis has ever had, but most people would not call him elite. Middleton is a very good three point shooter and defensive player, but on any other roster would probably be seen as a third option. 

Yet on the Bucks, Middleton is seen as Giannis’s go-to guy when he is in trouble. That isn’t right. Lebron James has Anthony Davis. Kawhi Leonard has Paul George. Even James Harden has Russell Westbrook. All of the best players in the league also have someone else who is elite on the roster to take the pressure off. Super teams have become a necessity in the league to win championships the past years. I’m not saying that Kris Middleton can’t be a great player on a championship team, I’m just saying that they need someone better than him to go anywhere.

Giannis recently told the media that he isn’t planning on going anywhere. That’s right Bucks fans, you can breathe for now. Still, there is one possibility that crossed my mind. It is a beyond extreme thought, and as a Portland Trailblazers fan, I dream about it every night. That’s right … a Giannis and Damian Lillard team up.

Now hear me out: imagine Giannis getting frustrated in Milwaukee because of their lack of wanting to surround him with talent. Giannis leaves Milwaukee and comes to Portland. It would be perfect! People would be scared of Damian Lillard’s ability to shoot from anywhere and the paint would be wide open for Giannis to dunk to his heart’s content. Add in CJ McCollum and Jusuf Nurkić and you have a championship contender right away. I’m just saying Giannis … maybe think about it?

With all dreams aside, Giannis actually needs help. With the roster the Bucks have at the moment, nothing but good regular seasons and sad playoff disappointments are in store for them in the future. They need somebody big time. A Superman to Giannis’ Batman. A second player who can also do heavy lifting. Please hurry Milwaukee. Your window is closing.