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Lady Gaga recently shocked fans with “Stupid Love,” the first single from her upcoming album “Chromatica.” The new album will be released on April 10 and features a return to her pop roots. After a jazz album with singer Tony Bennett, a solo country-pop album and a country-rock soundtrack for a movie, “Chromatica” is what Lady Gaga needs to revive her to the good ol’ days.

The song rings familiar to Lady Gaga’s previous hit singles. The 80s dream synth-pop style is completely new for the singer, but the hopelessly romantic lyrics – the type that people memorize and sing along to in cars – are totally in line with “Bad Romance” and “Judas.” 

The song by no means demonstrates Lady Gaga’s artistic abilities – and that’s okay. The unoriginal chorus and basic song concept are exactly what she needs to bring herself back to the spotlight. Her explorations into jazz and country left many fans frustrated and pining for a return to “ARTPOP.” Thankfully, “Stupid Love” is for her pop fanbase.

Die hard Lady Gaga fans, including myself, are also excited for the extra-terrestrial universe that Lady Gaga is bringing to her album. The music video for the single revealed different tribes of aliens, represented by colors, clashing on a dusty planet.

Perhaps the unusual space theme comes from the collaborators working with her on this album. Singer SOPHIE confirmed in 2018 that she was working with Lady Gaga, which could explain the experimental sound and color of “Stupid Love.” Producer BloodPop also helped write and produce “Stupid Love.” Singer Grimes is rumored to have a collaboration on the new album, but specific news on the album is hard to come by.

The new album also coincides well with Lady Gaga’s makeup line, Haus Laboratories. The company, started in 2019,  features mainly lipsticks and lipglosses. The bright reds, pinks and sparkly variations should’ve been a dead giveaway for “Chromatica,” but fans didn’t pick up on it.

When the song was announced, Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself in bright pink and red, lips garnished in Haus Laboratories lipstick. Her extraterrestrial outfit immediately excited fans from the “Born This Way” era, yet the new metallic and iridescent tones nod to the new theme that fans have been waiting for.

While Lady Gaga will never truly return to the olden days of “Alejandro” or “Applause,” her new single points towards an even brighter future. “Chromatica” could bring fans a summer car ride playlist or a thoughtful commentary on love and art. Either way, “Stupid Love” is just the beginning of Lady Gaga’s beautiful new project.