NFL Roundup

Oh, NFL how we missed you so!

With fantastic tackles and offensive show.

But besides the cool runs and

touchdowns we see,

here are a few things that stood out to me:


Russell Wilson is the TRUTH: Let it be known to the world that Wilson is officially pissed off. Yeah, I said it. All these years without a single MVP vote has finally worn on  Wilson, and he is taking his anger out on the whole league. Besides a pick six thrown against the Patriots (that wasn’t his fault by the way), his 2020 season has been basically perfect. With 14 touchdowns in three games (an NFL record), a passer rating of 139.0 and receivers that are elite whenever they don’t fumble showboating (thank DK Metcalf for that one), Wilson doesn’t look like he will be slowing down any time soon. #LetRussCook


The Atlanta Falcons are Choke Artists: Jeez Louise. I mean how many times can you be winning by double digits in the fourth quarter and lose? The Cowboys game was just sad, but now they follow up by losing to the Bears! I know for a fact that Nick Foles isn’t an elite quarterback, but he might have well been Patrick Mahomes with the way he looked against the Atlanta defense. If Atlanta is going to get out of the hole they are in right now, they are going to need to score 60+ points every game, otherwise their defense will let them down. Hey, but look at the bright side! Calvin Ridley is looking good!


Superstars Are Dropping Like Flies: Last week was a tough one for stars in the NFL – Saquon Barkley, Nick Bosa, Christian McCaffrey, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Michael Thomas just to name a few. It’s tough because you want these guys to shine and be the stars they are, but they all went down with injuries that will take them out for some time. You can only wish them the best though, and when they come back, I know they will take the league by storm. Get well soon!


The Vikings Fell Off HARD: Minnesota Vikings fans, I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but your window has officially closed. Your O-Line is complete trash. Stefon Diggs is loving it in Buffalo. Your defense has dropped to the bottom of the barrel. The only positive things on your team are a rookie wide receiver with one good game and a running back that barely has holes to run through. Hey, Vikings fans. Remember the days when you guys thought Adam Thielen was a “Top 5 Receiver?” I would laugh in your face about it right now, but that would be kind of mean with all the stress you already have. At least Kirk Cousins actually sucks now so you can blame him for everything and have solid evidence to back it up.


Nick Foles Officially Has the Reins of the Chicago Bears: Just recently I received a notification about how Nick Foles will be starting against Colts. This told me two things. The first thing is that Mitch Trubisky will be seen as one of the worst draft picks of all time. With Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson outperforming him drastically in their careers so far, drafting Trubisky at 2 will be seen as an all-time mistake. The second thing that I realized is how this Bears team might actually become good now. With Mitch not ruining the offensive side of things with worthless passes, maybe now the Bears can live up to the potential they’ve had for the last couple of years. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.