Pac-12 and BIG-10 will play football after all

“While there have been rumors circulating in recent weeks that both the Big-10 and the Pac-12 may reverse their decision and hold their college football seasons at the normal start date, word through official channels is that the schools remain committed to their original decision and will not be swayed by public pressure.”

“In postponing their college football seasons, the Pac-12 and Big-10 made the unpopular but correct decision. They put safety over profits, and should be commended for it. The Big-12, SEC, and ACC should all follow suit.”

These are both quotes from articles that I previously published only a few weeks ago. As you can see, I predicted that the Big-10 and Pac-12 athletic conferences would remain steadfast in their decision to not hold their college football seasons. I even went as far as to praise them for their commitment to safety. As I often hope to be when making sports predictions, I was wrong.

Since releasing those articles, both the Big-10 as well as the Pac-12, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the #WeWantToPlay movement, have decided to hold their college football seasons. The Pac-12 will begin its season on Nov. 6, playing seven games between then and their championship game on Friday, Dec. 18. The Big-10 will begin its season on October 24th, playing eight games before the winner of the conference is decided by the championship game, a contest that will take place on Dec. 19.

While both conferences made sure to hold their championship games before the college football playoff selection on Dec. 20, it is clear that no concessions will be made to accommodate their shorter schedules. Despite the Pac-12’s best efforts to have the playoff expanded to eight teams for the sake of fairness, the NCAA has maintained that the playoff will only be the top four teams in the country.

This decision by the Pac-12 and Big-10 to restart their seasons is not only disappointing, it is downright idiotic. Once again, the United States has decided to put profit ahead of human lives, ensuring that we will only continue to lose more and more Americans to the novel coronavirus. I take back any compliments I have paid either conference.

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