Student Government Association leaders talk election

Student Government Association (SGA) elections took place on Thursday, Sept. 24. SGA President Melie Ekunno ’21 and Vice President Imani Mosher ’21 gave insight on what voting in SGA elections will accomplish this year and how their experience this year has differed from past years.

“When you consider the moment that we are in, the way the world is right now, I think our SGA experience has been very unique,” Ekunno said. “We have students that are increasingly attentive to the world and the part they play in it. People are less reluctant to put themselves on the forefront of it, which is what running for an SGA senatorial position does.”

SGA addressed questions regarding the pandemic and racial injustice over the summer, and their involvement with these issues has only increased after the “7 Feet for 7 Shots” march and counter protest on Friday, Sept. 4.

“I think we are in a very unique moment on this campus where it is easy to not prioritize voting in an SGA election,” Mosher said. “When you’re asking for change now more than ever, you need to be engaged with what’s happening in student government. We need the votes now.”

Both Ekunno and Mosher want to ensure that their mission as members of the SGA executive team is to listen and uplift.

“The reason we were voted in is because we had identified what student concerns are,” Ekunno said. “People appreciated that we were willing to work to rectify those situations. I think that’s a very important role we have right now.”

In regards to student involvement, Mosher and Ekunno encourage students to be on the lookout for information that SGA posts on social media.

“I know it’s not always easy. We all have lives and school going on, and we are in the middle of a pandemic, but it could make all the difference,” Mosher said.

“Students staying engaged with everything SGA is doing is one of the biggest strengths SGA has,” Ekunno said. “SGA’s biggest power is the voice and faith of the students. When it is clear that this is what the students want, that is what gives us power.”