The Quarry can make you feel less alone

St. Olaf’s very own literary and fine arts magazine, The Quarry, just released their 2020 publication. This 97th issue of the magazine is a wonderful 56-page project incorporating pieces from 33 different students. 

The ingenuity and creativity of the art within is only surpassed by the extraordinary vulnerability and power present in the works. In a time of social isolation and general numbness, The Quarry gives us the opportunity to shirk those stale feelings in the name of catharsis, in the name of taking the hand of these artists and walking with them through some of the most impactful moments, feelings and images of their lives. 

Most of the two-page spreads contain one written and one visual piece, chosen to compliment each other. Despite the unique nature of each piece, there is never a point in the magazine where it feels like the two pieces do not belong together. In fact, one wonders how the pieces could have ever been separated from their cross-page soulmate. The range of artistic mediums covered brings vibrancy to the publication, and gives it the feel of a wander through a curated art museum; the selections are eclectic enough to constantly surprise, but familiar enough to retain relatability. 

This is the third work The Quarry has released this year. The editors had previously created two much shorter projects, dubbed zines — the “Enviro Zine” featured student work pertaining to the environment, and the “Misfit Zine” published hilarious and quirky pieces. 

If you find yourself just wanting to feel something during the quarantine, pick up (digitally, of course) the 97th issue of The Quarry. It will not disappoint. 

The Quarry can be found at:

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