To Watch From a Window

To watch from a window,

Is to see beauty in motion.

To watch seasons come to and fro,

Is to see love and devotion.


Her bright gleam smiles upon us,

Light but shines to reveal stunning sights.

Here, her intense gaze glows most beauteous,

And with never ending grace, she fills my nights.


As she journeys, winds coerce the falling fronds;

Each guiding a new vision or ambition.

Though chills strike in times far from fond,

Her quiet comfort calms my inhibition.


While her bite is cold as ice,

She inevitably rests on my shoulder.

There, her prolonged presence does not think twice,

For her company makes her love bolder.


Now her story, though constant, is reborn.

New blossoms inspire and brighten my days.

Passion, love, and creativity adorn

The canvas of the lover who I need always.