Top 4 reasons TikTok is the best

TikTok is the greatest social media platform to ever exist. Yes, I said it. It’s so great that I may have procrastinated writing this article, and possibly other homework, by watching TikToks. Only for research purposes, of course. Now set aside your biases and allow for a seasoned veteran to explain her top four reasons why TikTok is the best social media platform. 

  1. TikTok is full of memes. I have laughed every single time I’ve been on the app. The amount of trends and content that a person is able to watch has developed a culture for inside jokes that millions of people understand through audios, hashtags, captions and creators. 
  2. TikTok allows for an easy rise to fame. TikTok was made for average folks like you and me. Any video can blow up overnight due to the infamous algorithm. As a viewer, you’re able to interact with large channels with millions of followers or small channels that have less than 50 followers. 
  3. The For You page. As you begin to watch and like videos, your For You page becomes a string of videos tailored specifically to your interests, what you find funny and what type of content you like to watch. Its accuracy is a little frightening. 
  4. TikTok became an app for authenticity. Instagram demands candid perfection and Snapchat is shallow, but TikTok allows for people to discover others across the world with similar interests and to form communities for bonding. 

As for information collecting and the eventual ban TikTok faces, as the President would say, I believe “it’s all a hoax.” The only information to be collected would be of people dancing, millennials that refuse to accept that they belong to Facebook now, explanations of how to achieve the cottage-core aesthetic and the ever quotable Rosa from @adamrayokay. 

Samantha Asplund ’23 is from St. Cloud, MN.