Best study spot on campus

If you are going to say the first and fifth floors of the library are the best places to study, then we need to talk. 

The quad is a superior studying spot that offers a great way to focus on your studies without totally isolating yourself. Not convinced yet? Look below for some reasons why the quad should be your next favorite spot.



Do you ever feel that if you don’t spend some time outside, your day is just not complete? Out on the quad, you can both fill your body with knowledge and vitamin D.  Plus, with nature, everything becomes simpler to comprehend— just you, school work, and nature. Your mind will feel less congested, making room for valuable information for optimal learning. 


General Vibe:

Picture this — you’re done with your class, stressed, and tired. Suddenly, you see a perfect ray of sunlight illuminating  a single adirondack chair. It’s a calling. And if you ever need a break, you can watch the friendly squirrels playing tag or people-watch. The foliage and soft breeze offer natural relaxing benefits, unlike crowded, indoor spaces that bring chaos and distractions.



Like most college kids, I find myself working or reviewing for a test at the last minute and it’s only a matter of seconds until I forget everything. Conveniently, the quad is located in the center of every academic building, so you can head to your class feeling refreshed and sure that you haven’t yet forgotten your last-minute cramming.

I hope I have been able to convince you to come join me outside, pull up an adirondack chair, and enjoy the fresh air as you study.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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