Election of new SGA student senators

The Student Government Association (SGA) held online elections for 13 student senators on Friday, Sept. 24. The Senate represents students, handles general SGA administration and cooperation, approves budgets, and makes major SGA policy decisions.

Caroline Geer ’24 is the curriculum senator, Lauren Snyder ’23 is the environmental student senator, Rebecca Ko ’25 is the student life senator, and Ellie Noah ’22 is the gender and sexuality senator. All four candidates ran unopposed. The entire student body was eligible to vote for the four positions.

Luanga Léandre Junior Kasanga ’25 is the international student senator and Mohamed Radalla ’25 is the multicultural student senator. The elections were only open to students who identify as international and multicultural respectively. Both ran unopposed.

Theo Hembre ’23 won a contested race for off campus senator, open only to off-campus students. Hembre defeated Emma Sorensen ’23.

Simon Allen ’23 is the class of 2023 representative after running unopposed.

Harry Olander ’24 and Sophia Pletcher ’24 won a contested election to be the class of 2024 representatives, defeating Alyssa Vue ’24.

Zaria Irving ’25, Ella Boers ’25, and Grace Barton ’25 won a five-candidate race for class of 2025 representatives, defeating Abigail Velazquez ’25 and Elijah Sonntag ’25.

Students were only permitted to vote for the senator representing their own class year.

No students ran to be class of 2022 representatives. Kenzie Todd ’22 and Eli Duininck ’22 both expressed interest in the positions to SGA after candidate applications closed, and SGA president and vice president Andy Nelson ’23 and Michael Parades ’22 interviewed Todd and Duininck and proposed their appointments to the Senate. The Senate confirmed Todd and Duininck as the class of 2022 representatives at the Sept. 28 meeting.

1015 students voted in the election overall, although students were not able to vote in all of the races. About a third of students voted, an improvement over the 24 percent turnout in the spring 2021 SGA elections.




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