The recent return to St. Olaf’s campus has been marked with Valentine’s Day, the reappearance of Friday Flowers, results from Matchomatics — a survey created to determine the compatibility of Oles — and loosening COVID-19 restrictions. Couples roam campus while loneliness strikes some. One Facebook page, St. Olaf Flirts, has had increased traction over the past couple of weeks. This page allows students to post anonymous messages often aimed at leaving both straightforward and enigmatic compliments to classmates, friends or strangers.

While I may lack the knowledge to give romantic advice, I do believe that I have the perfect set of credentials to provide advice on crafting the perfect flirt as I have been awarded the “top fan” badge for the St. Olaf Flirts page.

St. Olaf Flirts is a great place to share your appreciation for someone, whether it be a friend or a stranger! Many flirts reach out to workers at the Cage or Stav Hall who do everything from make the perfect coffee to have a great attitude. (If you feel the urge to share your appreciation on the Facebook page, you may also consider writing them a nice note to put in their mailbox or  giving a gift of Friday Flowers.) One unmatched benefit of appreciation posts on the page, however, is that you can reach a larger audience. Many students are vocal about showing their support to organizations and groups on campus, specifically BIPOC and LGBTQ+ minorities, on the page. If you want to share your appreciation for a group, I highly recommend crafting a post.

Besides appreciation posts for fellow students and friends, some people use St. Olaf Flirts to reach out to their crush and gain information about them, such as their relationship status and preferences. While the majority of flirtations seem to be short-lived, I have noticed patterns in popularity among posts. Flirts that go beyond the basic “Junior Jane Doe is cute. Single?” are more interesting to people who view the page and generate more reactions and responses. Flirts that include jokes stand out and are more exciting for the receiver. If you lack incredible wit, compliments are another viable option. In your flirt, you should share what you find most endearing about your crush, whether it be their enthusiastic attitude during 8 a.m. class or their confident demeanor as they roam Stav searching for a place to eat. Whatever joke or compliment you decide to include in your flirt, speak from the heart and be proud of what you submit to the page.

Remember that it is possible that your crush is not on Facebook or wants to keep their relationship status or preferences private. Additionally, if someone catches your eye, remember that initial attraction does not necessarily equal compatibility.

These posts can brighten someone’s day, but do not forget the value of sharing your appreciation in person or through other means! Whether you decide to write a St. Olaf flirt yourself or flirt in person, you should be proud of putting yourself out there.