Aries: Aries, keep it up! Mentality is everything. Self-care is taking an extra M&M bar from the Caf.


Taurus: Don’t let your ferocious bull horns obstruct your vision! Keep an eye out for sneaky deadlines and due dates.


Gemini: Oh, sweet Gemini. I sing your praises when no one else does. You’re a good time. But maybe stay home this weekend. It takes a lot of care and effort to tend to two faces.


Cancer: Reevaluate your priorities this week. Maybe a good cry and a Twin XL nap, yeah?


Leo: Now is the time to explore. Go frolicking in the Natural Lands. Inhale the fall air.


Virgo: That feeling that’s lingered all week will soon pass. However, dying your hair will not

solve your issues.


Libra: What a gem you are! Your kindness extends beyond the student body. Embrace your inner

Snow White and befriend a squirrel this week.


Scorpio: Twilight Season is upon us. Now’s the time to shoot your shot with the person in your

classes that most closely resembles a vampire.


Sagittarius: As a spicy sag, your coolness is unmatched. Have you thought about selling your

clothes on Depop? The general public would love a piece of your style.


Capricorn: If it won’t matter a week from now, stop stressing about it. It will all get done. Also, deleting Tiktok might help your productivity.


Aquarius: Sharing a sign with Megan Thee Stallion is possibly the biggest flex you have. You

may not have her knees, but it’s the intention that matters. You’re that bitch!


Pisces: Pisces, share your snacks with someone this week. The people in the dorm across from

you are hungry.



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