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Virgo: Your professor noticed you dozing off in class last week… and so did everyone else. Take some time to get some well deserved rest this weekend. 

Libra: This season is all about treating yourself. Self Care. Splurges. Gifts. Treats. And you deserve it all. Take this time to recenter what’s most important: Yourself. 

Scorpio: You’ve been feeling indecisive lately. Take more authority into your life. Make that impulse purchase. Ask your crush out. Skip that 8 a.m. Follow your gut. 

Sagittarius: Keep your chin up, Sags. Almost everyone has already forgotten about you dropping your cup in the cafeteria. Focus on your self-confidence. 

Capricorn: You’ve been hiding in the shadows recently. Make your presence known! Block the staircase by the cafeteria to have a conversation! Walk on the left side of the sidewalk. Break some norms and put yourself out there. 

Aquarius: Stress has been hitting you hard recently. Let off some steam by screaming in the natural lands. You’ll feel better.  

Pisces: Better be careful, Pisces. You’re blowing through your Cage dollars faster than PubSafe can write parking tickets. Have a couple meals in your dorm this weekend. 

Aries: Your cleverness is a strength and appreciated but also puts a target on your back. Stop taking five bananas from the cafeteria every time you swipe. 

Taurus: You’ve been blowing through your Cage dollars recently. Take some time to reevaluate your emotional health — those caramel lattes won’t fight off impending seasonal depression. 

Gemini: Two words. Self. Reflection. You are in desperate need of a reality check. And no, Tame Impala is not an “underground band.”

Cancer: The stress of the school year has understandably worn you out emotionally. Have a moment to check in with yourself and have a good cry in your dorm’s public lounge. 

Leo: You’ve been suffering from main character syndrome recently. Remind yourself that you are indeed just like everyone else on campus.

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