Your week has been very busy. Don’t stress about unnecessary things. It’s okay to take a break for yourself.



You know how to have a good party, but after Halloween? You need to chill out a bit.



Your interests are becoming a little too niche… try something new this week that you normally wouldn’t do.



Don’t let people rule your life just because you are soft spoken. Take some initiative!



You know how to get things done, even if you wait until the last minute. But you might want to start that paper earlier than you expect.



You can’t decide if you want to read the Mess or write for the Mess. How about both?



Your confidence can come off as intimidating at times, but people look up to you. Try encouraging someone who seems to second guess themselves. They will appreciate it.



Your passion keeps you busy. So busy, you might be forgetting something. Did you submit that paper?



You have a complex relationship with change. You must realize that while you might not like it, change is valuable.



Avoid the panini press this week — it’s a mess waiting to happen. The only mess you should want is The Olaf Messenger.



Life hurts, which is no surprise to you. If you find yourself crying again, put on your favorite Sad Girl Autumn playlist and reread your favorite Mess articles until you feel somewhat better.


Your talents are finally being recognized by those around you! Continue to follow your heart, even if you are second guessing yourself.


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