Minnesota winters: worth it

The days are getting darker, the temperature is dropping, and the winter holidays have begun. There’s just one thing missing: snow. 

One of my favorite things about winter in Minnesota is the snow. Walking around campus as snowflakes fall from the sky and stick to my eyelashes is always a beautiful experience. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and happy to be alive.

Minnesota snow is superior to the snow back in my home state of North Carolina — here, the flakes are large and fluffy, and there’s a satisfying crunch when your feet hit the ground. Finding enough snow to build snowmen or to go sledding is not a struggle. There is something delightful about nature’s beauty when it comes to snow. When it snows, I feel cozy – I want to snuggle up under blankets, drink hot chocolate, and watch holiday specials.

Without snow, cold weather is worthless. In recent weeks, the wind has picked up, making the temperature seem more frigid than it is. With the Hill experiencing both harsh wind and no snow, the days have felt lifeless and cold.

Do not fret if you are a student who has yet to experience the below-freezing winter weather that will eventually come to Northfield. After some time it reaches a point where all subzero temperatures feel the same. Keep in mind that there is a drastic temperature difference between inside and outside. As most Minnesotans would say, layering is your saving grace. Layering will allow you to stay cool inside and warm outside.

Even though snow is wonderful, it can get exhausting as it continues to fall well into late March. It might seem like you are stuck in a never-ending winter. The snow turns to gross gray slush, and there is freezing rain. Nevertheless, it is all worth it to experience beautiful snowy days.



Ainsley Francis is from 

Charlotte, N.C.

Her major is English.


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