St. Olaf women’s hockey lands first win in new ice arena during season opener

The St. Olaf women’s hockey team started their season off with a bang by sweeping UW-Stevens Point this weekend. Friday’s home opener was an exciting back and forth game, with UWSP scoring just two minutes in. With minutes left in the first period, Ole Iona Welsch ’25 tied up the game 1-1 with a short handed goal. Then, 5 minutes and 25 seconds into the second period, Heather Sager ’25 scored again for the Oles. However, the Pointers soon followed up with two more goals in the second period, making it 3-2. Annika Patterson ’22 tied up the game by scoring with just 23.6 seconds left in the second period for the Oles. The Pointers quickly responded with a goal during the last 2.1 seconds. 

St. Olaf was not deterred and battled for another goal, scored by Maddie Anderson ’22 in the third period. The game then went into overtime (OT), with the score tied up at 4-4. Patterson scored her second goal of the night during OT, bringing home the win for the Oles. The Oles proved this was no fluke by beating the Pointers again on Oct. 30. This fantastic start to the season means a lot to the women’s hockey team, who had not yet had a win in the new rink. It was also Coach Tracy Johnson’s first win for St. Olaf! Here is a short interview with Johnson about the upcoming season:


Are there any specific teams you are looking forward to playing this year?

“Honestly, after not competing for as long as we’ve had to wait, I’m looking forward to each and every single game and not looking at any one opponent over another, both in and out of conference.”


How will this season look post-COVID-19? Are things entirely back to normal?

“Aside from spectators being required to mask, everything is as normal as it can be, which is really exciting!”


What is exciting about this upcoming season?

“The energy of our group has been great and the fact that we can get back to the things we missed like in-person team activities.”


Anything else you’d like to mention?

“I would just say that I’m grateful to be back to competing and the team is working hard in order to play at our best and focusing on enjoying the process.”


Come watch the women’s hockey team continue their season this weekend at home against Trine! Games will kic off at 4 p.m. on Nov. 5 and 3:30 p.m. on Nov. 6.


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