What are the best places to hammock on campus?

Illustration by Anna Weimholt

It’s springtime, baby, and you know what that means: It’s hammocking time. I know you’ve seen them strung up around campus as soon as it hits 40 degrees.

Heck, I came to St. Olaf to hammock. But the competition to get the perfect hammocking spot is fierce — a little more aggressive than passive. But don’t fret; I’ve made a guide for the best places to hammock on campus.

Mellby lawn: An obvious choice, but obvious for good reasons. With a great number of trees, hammocking outside of Mellby is the perfect spot to people watch. With all the cars that pass by, Melby hammocking is also the ideal location to demonstrate just how artsy you are to the maximum number of people. However, Mellby is the first to fill up so plan accordingly.

CAD: Outside of CAD, there is a clump of the most perfect hammocking trees. I know you know the ones I’m talking about. Close to the crossroads, this hammocking spot presents the perfect place to unwind while listening to the hot goss of people walking past. Deliciously snug, this is the coziest spot to hammock with a roommate or two.

Ellison Trail: Take a break from the usual crowded spots, and treat yourself to a walk in the woods. With plenty of trees to pick from, the Ellison Trail behind Rand is a fantastic place to hang. Just watch out for the grass on a breezy day.

  Bottom of Hoyme Hill: While close to the busy road, the bottom of Hoyme Hill is secluded from the bustling atmosphere of campus and stuffed with optimal hammocking trees. A more unknown location, the bottom of the hill is perfect for those of you that love not being perceived.

Cage Window Booths: Love to hammock but hate the outdoors? The cage window booths are the best spot to do what you love while remaining indoors. Of course, anything is more comfortable to lounge in than those window seats.

Your Dorm: Getting outside can be hard with everything going on, but don’t sacrifice your hammocking time! Set up your hammock right underneath your lofted bed to make the most of your space while giving you another option for where to take your daily stress cry.

Get out there, Oles! Treat yourself to some wonderful hammocking time.


Samatha Asplund is from

Saint Cloud, MN.

Her major is undeclared.

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