What to listen to on KSTO this semester

So you’re thinking about listening to KSTO? Great idea! In preparation for this article I listened to 17 different shows (not including my own) and honestly all of them were good. That being said, I understand you might not be able to listen to 17 hours of different radio shows, so I’ve created a handy guide based on some of my favorites.

If you like to stay informed:

“Social Justice & Socialites” (Thursday, 1-2 p.m.) is a great program. When I listened, the hosts covered Derek Chauvin’s trial and other major news items. It was really educational, and they broke up their different topics with some groovy music. If you want to catch up on news, I would definitely recommend tuning in.

If you’re an early riser:

I’m not a morning person but being able to listen to “And That’s The Tea” (Tuesday, 8 a.m.) is fantastic motivation to get up early. The hosts are hilarious; I was laughing along with them as they recounted anecdotes from their lives. They played some songs, but it was mostly highly entertaining banter.

If you need a topping for your sandwich:

The name of this show really threw me off but it’s actually quite clever. On “Lost in the Sauce” (Tuesday, 6 p.m.), the hosts picked a sauce and created a playlist based around it, keeping me engaged as I pondered what sauce could be behind all the different songs. The sauce when I listened was revealed as oyster sauce, which I didn’t know existed. “Lost in the Sauce” is a great way to discover new music, and new sauces!

If you’re feeling nostalgic:

“Tales Away From The Swamp” (Tuesday, 5 p.m.) unpacks films from childhood. The hosts discussed “High School Musical” when I tuned in, and it was wonderful. The songs they played made me happily nostalgic, and their analysis gave new meaning to my thoughts on the films. I’ll definitely be tuning in again!

If you’re a Norwegian major:

The whole reason I started listening to KSTO is because two members of the Norwegian House started the show “Moose Goop” (Tuesday, 9 p.m.). They mostly play indie music with the occasional Norwegian song. I often call into the show, which is great fun. If you do listen to “Moose Goop,” call in and request “Mambo Mambo.” It’s their theme song!

If you want to know the future:

“Astris Perturbatis” (Friday, 4 p.m.) is an awesome show. The hosts read out horoscopes for people who call in. I would strongly encourage calling into a KSTO show; it’s cool to be on the airwaves! This show had clever responses to people who called in, and the hosts had an awesome song selection.

If you’re a St. Olaf history buff:

I have to take the opportunity to shamelessly promote my own radio show, “The Bathtub” (Wednesday, 8 p.m.). My friend and I discuss St. Olaf history, mostly using it as an opportunity to roast the College’s founders. You can follow us on Instagram @theogbathtub to let us know what topic you’d like us to research next!

If you like music:

I think a majority of the KSTO shows play music. My favorite music show was “Teatime and Tunes” (Saturday, 2 p.m.), because the hosts played some unusual songs, including a French song I really liked. “Alt Vibe Pt. 2: The Vibe Won’t Stop” (Friday, 10 p.m.) had super nice vibes and is planning something big for April 23, so make sure to tune in.

Those were my favorites, but every show I listened to provided its own unique flair. Including, but not limited, to Goblin Hour (Thursdays, 10 p.m.).

The next time you’re unsure of what to listen to you should tune into KSTO and try out something new! Just go to https://www.kstoradio.org/ and hit “Listen Live” for a good time!