Best building? Holland is the answer.


There is no question that Holland is the best building on campus. Its grand windows, multi-story daylight basement, and spacious lecture halls are paragons of our campus’s design philosophy. For once, the faux-brick limestone facades are broken up by creative curves, arches, and turrets, instead of the St. Olaf standard — harsh Scandinavian triangles. While St. Olaf’s commitment to material consistency can work, it needs variety, and Holland, along with Old Main, are perfect accent pieces for the Hill. Inside, Holland’s interior is not hampered by its traditionalist exterior. The third-floor study lounge is one of the most comfortable and convenient study spots, with a printer and easy access to bathrooms, and seating ranges from full lounge chairs to cushioned benches or a raised bar. The best thing about it is the natural light, something even Regents lacks. Despite its enormous windows, the classrooms of Regents are largely shoved into its bowels, while all of its wonderful lighting is wasted on study spots dangled in front of freshmen who don’t realize they’ll always be full of buzzkill STEM majors. Holland, on the other hand, strikes a balance between its common areas and classrooms.

The fact that no student has yet appeared in the pages of this esteemed newspaper to claim Holland Hall as the best building is a travesty, a crime, and a sign of the times at St. Olaf College. Must we suffer under the interminable indignities of self-deluded STEM majors claiming that Regents Hall holds a candle in this competition?

John Emmons is from Seattle, Wash.

His majors are Chinese and political science.


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