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Best Building: Tomson Hall is the best place for stressed students.


About a year ago, on a freezing cold morning, I was on my way to tour St. Olaf. In the informational email, it said go to the admissions office for check-in. I had no idea where the hell that was, but, after wandering around for a hot minute, I learned that the admissions office was inside the best building on campus — Tomson Hall.

When I first walked into Tomson, I was overwhelmed by the long hallways that never seemed to end and I thought to myself — how do students navigate this building? How do I get down or up the stairs? Where are the classes?

Now, I go to Tomson everyday for classes. Though I needed some guidance on the first few days of college, it is a rather easy building to navigate and can be quite peaceful during the afternoon.

The lounge area on the third floor is a great study place if you enjoy a beautiful window seat that peers over campus or want a comfy chair to unwind in.

This building once intimidated me, but now I love finding new study areas in Tomson where I can start my homework or chill on my phone while feeling relaxed after a stressful day.

As winter begins to approach, you will definitely want to be inside Tomson because there is a tunnel that connects to Regents Hall, protecting you from the bitter cold weather. If you do not have a class in Tomson or Regents, then I wish you good luck!

Tomson is also home to the Financial Aid office, Residence Life, Smith Center for Global Engagement, Piper Center, and the Writing Desk. Surely all students will need to Tomson whether they need help with writing a resume, advice for internship searching or last-minute help with an essay.

Tomson is the go-to place for students who need any kind of assistance during their college career.

Annie Stefanko is from Rosemount, Minn.

Her major is undeclared.


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