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Collegiate Chlorophyll: A tree column

Inspiration grows in and outside of The Center for Art and Dance

I am far from proclaiming myself to be an arborist, or even an environmental studies major, yet the sight of the tree in front of the Center for Art and Dance on campus has captivated my attention. This lonely tree is located on the side of the building facing the Buntrock parking-lot. It is short with branches that spread out from the trunk, resembling the hair of Medusa. 

The tree does not possess a colloquial name among students on campus. It is too short to be used for hammocking or climbing, and its location is not conducive for sitting down to enjoy the scenery either. Often it seems to be passed by without a second thought. 

Yet, upon closer inspection the location for the tree is perfect, and it serves its own unique purpose. The Center for Art and Dance is a place for fostering creativity, developing artistic skills, and expanding boundaries. This tree embodies creativity with its sprawling branches and nonlinear form. To appreciate its beauty, people are required to stop and take the time to notice its intricately twisted branches. The tree causes people to pause, to think about what they are seeing, and to reflect on the beauty before them. I believe it can be viewed as an emblem for what the building behind the tree stands for. 

Even in the cold winter months, bare of buds and leaves, the tree still possesses elements that are captivating. The tree stands strong and firm in all seasons. It is an inspiring tree. This tree should serve as a reminder for everyone on campus to always be on the look-out for beauty, even in the most unassuming things.

Zoe Esterly is from Ogdensburg, N.Y.

Her major is psychology.