The weather might get so warm this month that you forget the winter ever happened, that the seasons ever even changed. Sometimes forgetting is a good thing. But be wary about what can be forgotten in the good times.



Sometimes you can forget what it feels like to really live. Remember to remember. 



You’ve said goodbye to too many people lately. You want someone to stay in your life? Tell them! Time may tear everything apart, but it’s no match for the love you feel. 



Try to cast some spells this week. It might not work, but it will probably bring you some comfort in these uncontrollable times. 



It’s your season, baby. Don’t be afraid to get a little weird— life is short and this campus feels like a fake place, anyway. Take your shoes off in an academic building. 



Let yourself cry like an absolute baby this week. I’m talking on the floor, fetal position, sobbing so hard it makes your stomach hurt and your neighbors worry. But when you’re done, drink some water. You know what I mean?



You better get off campus this week. Leave your room and explore the world! It’s pretty unpredictable out there, but that doesn’t mean it has to be scary, too. 



Fun and love and happiness are not just for other people. These things are for you, too! 



Stop moving forward for a second, it won’t kill you! Why do you want to leave the trees behind when they’ve just gotten their leaves? Be thankful for what is good and alive and right in front of you. 



You’ve been spending too much time trying to make things last forever. But, like it or not, one day you’ll be dead and, eventually, no one will remember you. Such is life. You’ve just got to focus on having fun for a while before that happens.



Try giving it up for a week. See what good old feelings might come back.



Other people are smarter than you sometimes think. Realizing this could actually make you happier— it’s nice seeing that other people are wonderful, so much that it doesn’t matter if you become less wonderful by comparison. 


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