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“A Night in the Opera” illuminates a Tuesday night

Lucy Woods - Synergy

On May 2, Synergy Musicians Collective, the first student-led orchestral ensemble on campus, held their fifth concert since its founding in 2021. The theme, “A Night at the Opera,” provided a backdrop for an eventful night filled with great music, talent, and unexpected moments. There were even moments where it felt like the audience was part of the operatic show. 

Synergy captivated their audience from the very start. The entire show is led by student conductors, performed by on-campus musicians, and some songs are composed by students as well. The “Northfield Overture N. 1, Op. 14” was this concert’s student composed piece by Vincent Giza ‘26 who also wrote the comedic interlude “Apple Juice Overture.” There was never a lull in entertainment — each piece was beautifully done, the numbers in between each piece were amusing, and the soloists showcased just how talented Ole musicians are. 

The concert wasn’t like any other on-campus show — it’s an experience. Though it was in the Pause, upon entering it felt like you were invited to a special, secretive performance. Everyone was dressed in black-tie, per the dress code for the night. A photobooth was set up for guests to take pictures, and the seating felt intimate, as it was very close to the performers. Everything was set to feel as if the guests were specially invited to a once-in-a-lifetime musical showcase, which it sure was. With different themes at each performance, every show is a unique experience for the performers and audience. 

A highlight of the night was the waltz during Tchaikovsky’s “Serenade for Strings Op. 48.” As the musical collective invited everyone in the audience to dance during the piece, the energy and happiness in the room began to bubble — everyone enjoyed waltzing around randomly, floating from partner to partner and meeting new people. “This was a bit of a full circle moment for the founding members of the group, as we had performed movements 1, 3, and 5 of that piece for our very first Synergy performance,” Synergy Executive Board Member Grace Alexander ‘23 wrote in an email to The Olaf Messenger. 

Alexander, a founding member of the group along with Sam Ivory ‘23, Louis Dhoore ‘23, Sophia Singleton ‘23, Hayley Currin ‘23, Owen Cromwell ‘23, Davis Moore ‘23, and other graduated Oles started the collective in 2021 with the intent to create more experiential opportunities for student conductors and future art administrators. Since then, they have grown from 13 string players to over 85 members, and they have been in collaboration with on-campus artists and composers as well as faculty members and guest hosts. The group has offered networking opportunities for aspiring musical artists. 

As founding members graduate this spring, Synergy Musicians Collective will be led by Aiden Kocian ’25, Jake Dreifort ’24, Veronica White ’24, and Bella Marek ’25 starting fall 2023. With the group continuing to grow in both numbers and musicality, it’s safe to say that the “Night at the Opera” was a success and that any future Synergy concert is a must see.