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Steensland is a hidden treasure


This might be a strange take, but hear me out. Many haven’t ever been inside of the Steensland Library, but I promise you, it’s worth a visit.


Last year, I had a morning class in Old Main. After this class, a couple of people and I would walk over to Rolvaag Memorial Library for a “mini study session” before our next classes. When the snow started to roll in for yet another Minnesotan winter, we collectively decided that the walk to Rolvaag was too long in the freezing temperatures, so we walked  into  Steensland for a change. 


We toured in awe around the building, discovering how cozy and quiet the building was. The stained glass ceiling is a hidden gem that gives the building such a nice natural glow when you sit in there during the day. The circular table is a good meeting spot to do some homework, but downstairs offers a classroom that, when unoccupied by an actual class, is another good study spot. 


I would be lying if I said that I’ve spent a lot of time in the building this year — I haven’t even walked inside it yet. However, it was one of the buildings I spent a good chunk of time in last year. 


I remember jumping into the massive bean bags in the classroom, ready for an interview for my friend’s sociology paper. I remember the last-minute homework assignments that I would work on with some of the first people I could call a support group. I’ve collected countless pins that would be lying around, always accompanied by some candy. I’ve also collected several tea bags that may or may not have been open for the taking — I’ve never been too sure about that one. Near Thanksgiving, I remember taking multiple people by the library for their first times inside to eat some pie and show them around the building.


You don’t have to spend much time in the building, but I’ve heard of multiple people who haven’t taken the time to take a quick peek inside Steensland. You don’t have to be a philosophy major to walk into the building. I have hardly touched a book inside it. It’s a good building to visit for a small, quiet atmosphere that is different from your typical study space on campus. 

Ashlyn Wuench is from Springfield, Mo. Her major is environmental studies.

Ashlyn Wuench
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