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‘Dune: Part Two’ outshines the original


“Dune: Part Two” was everything that the first “Dune” was and more. More politics, more worms, and more stunning acting, all surrounded by a palpable relationship between faith and power.

“Dune” is a sci-fi faction war, much like “Game of Thrones.” The emperor, royal houses, and nation states battle for control of the planet Arrakis, which holds the key to power over the entire universe. The story came from the mind of Frank Herbert via his 1965 epic novel “Dune.” The movies “Dune” and “Dune: Part Two,” directed by Denis Villeneuve, split that novel into two exciting, action-packed, and easy-to-follow parts. 

“Dune: Part Two” follows protagonist Paul Atreides and his mother into the deserts of Arrakis, following the Fremen, the native population of the planet. Paul must choose between his relationship with Chani and the rest of the Fremen people and a prophecy calling him to power. 

The theme of faith is both powerful and unique in cinema in the past decade. Paul is hailed as a messiah by the Fremen, the answer to a centuries-old prophecy. Led by Paul, the Fremen become the most powerful army in the film, fighting for faith, not fear. This faith drives the story. The “holy war” prophesied by the Fremen resembles wars fought in history, making the story seem eerily familiar. 

All-star performances by Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, and Austin Butler make the story feel viscerally real. And with the $190 million budget, the visual effects are absolutely spectacular. 

“Dune: Part Two” is currently in theaters, and super-saver tickets for the Cannon Valley Cinema can be picked up at the OSA for $4


5 out of 5 Big Oles