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Have a Great Summer (HAGS) Horoscopes


Aries – Take one full day this summer to recharge your social battery. Spend a whole day by yourself and tell your friends and family not to contact you. How does it feel to be alone with your thoughts? How are you unloading your burdens when you take on so many others? 


Taurus, Make a summer bucket list with some friends. Plan activities and experiences that can bring you closer together, whether it’s something you all love or something you’ve been wanting to try. Why wait for something fun to happen when you can go and do it?


Gemini, Pick one goal for the summer. You are curious by nature and devote yourself to all of your interests. Find the core of these interests, the common thread connecting the disparate ends. Put your energy into strengthening that thread; it will improve everything. 


Cancer – Write down one thing you are grateful for every night before bed this summer. Note how it transforms your sleep and dream quality. It’s easy to fall into despair, but finding one thing every day, big or small, that makes you smile can keep you from falling into that despair. 


Leo – Resist the urge to let yourself fall into that habits of the past, Leo. You can always reinvent yourself. What about you is instinct to your character and what do you hold onto because it feels safe? Make a new way for yourself to live, to be. 


Virgo – Create art, even if it’s bad. Try new forms of art and see what it unveils about yourself. It is easy to get stuck in your head when working through an issue. Let your thoughts flow through your hands without thinking too hard. Save the psychoanalysis for later. 


Libra – Watch who you surround yourself with this summer, Libra. Your propensity to pick up on other people’s traits is your greatest strength and greatest weakness. Write down who you want to become and pick your circle accordingly. Who helps you become the best version of yourself?


Scorpio – Release the tension you’ve been feeling this school year. What are you still holding onto that is adding to your distress? Give yourself grace, Scorpio. You are, by nature, pessimistic but find the boundaries between realism and self-fulfilling prophecies. 


Sagittarius – Ease into the summer. Transitions forced on you can feel difficult, Sagittarius, despite your go-with-the-flow attitude. What makes you feel comfortable? How can you make yourself comfortable no matter where you are? 


Capricorn – Your rooted nature makes it difficult for you to venture outside your comfort zone. Experiment with what a daily routine looks like during the summer months. What lessons can you take away from the sun and moon and their flow through time and space?


Aquarius – Let yourself be impulsive for a day. While you are creative, you tend to limit your imagination to a few sectors of your life. Bring some of that fantastical thinking to the parts of your life that you make entirely practical. 


Pisces – Take a day trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. It can just be another town or city. What does it feel like to be somewhere where no one knows you? What did you learn about how you want people to see you?