Content Warning: this story mentions sexual assault and retaliation.     Discourse around sexual assault and misconduct on campus has intensified…

Arts & Entertainment

25 Oct: Bozeman takes the Mane Stage

The St. Olaf Student Activities Committee (SAC) hosted comedian Kevin Bozeman on the Pause Mane Stage on Friday, Oct. 19….

25 Oct: Gavin Turek outshines Smino

Last Saturday night, the Music Entertainment Committee (MEC) welcomed both singer Gavin Turek and rapper Smino to the Pause Mane…




25 Sep: Happy Tempests

A wicked pane of glass or perhaps of neck and mind through which the only thing that’s seen is the…

23 Sep: Happily Ever After

What comes after The End? A café for coffee and small talk? We all cram into the Fairy Godmother’s two-door…

21 Sep: The Wizard

There is a wizard in my biology class. I’m sure of it. I hate to use the word wizard, really,…