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Year-long subscription orders for the 2019-2020 sCHOOL yEAR ARE Now Open!

The Manitou Messenger offers year-long, 16 issue subscriptions for $60 dollars. Each issue will be mailed to your chosen address weekly. To subscribe to the print edition, you have two options:

Subscribe Online

Subscribe at this link.

Subscribe by Mail

Send us an envelope that includes…

  1. A check for $60 made out to the Manitou Messenger
  2. An address where you’d like your subscription mailed
  3. Your name and email address

Why subscribe to the Manitou Messenger?

Your money helps us pay for…

  • Printing costs. Each week we print 500 copies of the Messenger. These are distributed to St. Olaf students and staff free of charge, and some of them are sent to you!
  • Postage to send you your shiny new copy of the Messenger.
  • Stipends for our talented staff members. Even though we’re a weekly paper, work doesn’t stop in the newsroom. Stipends are a small way of saying thank you for all of the hard work our staff puts in to the paper every week. The Messenger is entirely student-run and we rely heavily on your support to keep us printing. Not only are you paying for weekly St. Olaf news, sports coverage, performance reviews, and students art, but you’re helping support students who are working towards careers in journalism, media, business, and communications.We appreciate your support! Questions? Email mess-exec@stolaf.edu.