Subscriptions to The Olaf Messenger are open!

The subscription is for the fall semester, beginning September until December 2021.

Since our publications have been adjusted to meet the safety requirements of COVID-19, the fall semester subscription for 2021 will be $40.

Subscriptions are a one-time payment of $40 for the fall semester. There are two subscription options:

Subscribe Via Online Payment

Click here to access our University Tickets page where you can then purchase a subscription!

The ticket purchased will serve as your subscription. When purchasing please include your name, preferred email for receiving the newsletter and address where we can mail your physical copy of the newspaper.

Subscribe Via Check by Mail

Send us an envelope that includes…

  1. A check for $40 made out directly to The Olaf Messenger
  2. An address where you’d like your subscription mailed
  3. Your name and email address for further contact

Why subscribe to The Olaf Messenger?

Your money helps us pay for…

  • Printing costs. During a regular school year we print 500 copies of The Messenger each week. These are distributed to St. Olaf students and staff free of charge, and some of them are sent to you!
  • Postage to send you your shiny new copy of the Messenger.
  • Stipends for our talented staff members. Even though we’re a weekly paper, work doesn’t stop in the newsroom. Stipends are a small way of saying thank you for all of the hard work our staff puts in to the paper every week. The Messenger is entirely student-run and we rely heavily on your support to keep us printing. Not only are you paying for weekly St. Olaf news, sports coverage, performance reviews, and students art, but you’re helping support students who are working towards careers in journalism, media, business, and communications.

We also have an ongoing donations campaign for continued support. If you want to support The Mess’s work without the commitment of a subscription, an online donation of any amount is the perfect way!

We appreciate your interest in supporting The Olaf Messenger! Please email with any questions and we will respond promptly.