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Ole Archives: Artist’s Books and Activism in the Archives

This is a sampling from the exhibit currently on display in Rolvaag, curated by Bre Teynor ’24, and focuses on social justice and activist work. You can read more about the exhibit and curator here. Descriptions are written by Bre for the virtual platform. 

The Fortune Teller’s ABC

Mary Jeanne Linford

Held inside a tin box is a loose fortune along with the instructions for a 26-card fortune-telling game. Each card represents a different letter of the alphabet and its mystical pairing. Built into the bottom of the tin is an interactive ouija board game.

Signs of the Re-sis-tance

Taylor Anne Cox

Done in accordion style, Cox commemorates the January 2017 Women’s March protests against the inauguration of former president Donald Trump. This protest was the largest coordinated protest in the United States and aimed to combat the administration’s policies on important issues such as immigration and healthcare. By creating this book, the hope is to continue this enthusiastic social justice well beyond the Trump era.


How to Transition on

Sixty-Three Cents A Day

Lee Krist

In this book, Krist uses a series of items such as postcards, punch-cards, magazine articles, and letters to document his experiences with gender dysphoria and journey to receive gender-affirming treatment. Through creating this book, Krist hopes to highlight the struggles of trans-queer individuals as they navigate  the economic and familial difficulties of transitioning in modern America.



Candace Hicks

This piece from Candace Hicks is made to resemble a handwritten journal. This book centers around the way that coincidence appears Throughout Hicks’ life, interests, and media. This book has many unique features. Looking closely, the reader will notice the “lines” of each notebook page are instead lines of ants. Also, a few pages feature swarms of

the insects. These pages can only be read with a pair of red-lense glasses, helpfully built into the front cover. 


Visit the virtual exhibit here for videos and more information on each piece!