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How to DIY your Halloween costume

Costume option 1 - Hannah Anderson

Halloween is less than a week away. Not sure what you’re going to be or where to find the perfect costume? Nothing to worry about! Hold the expedited shipping request that you queued up in a panic and you’ll be amazed how much more fun — and cheaper — it is to do-it-yourself (DIY) your own look. Not to mention better for the planet.

The best place to start searching for costume pieces is in your own closet. Chances are, your options here will be more comfortable than a store-bought costume that’s designed to be worn just a few times. Start by mixing and matching items you normally wouldn’t think to wear together. Local thrift stores like Clothes Closet and The Thrifty Parrot are great places to discover affordable second-hand staples and accessories. You can find bright and versatile basics on the clearance racks at Target, as well as graphic tees that just might match your theme or help you choose one. Bonus points if you find something that you will re-wear! If you’re looking for some ideas to get you started, keep reading.

Trendy with a twist. Barbie-related costumes are rumored to be among this year’s most popular. No matter how you style Barbie, you’ll look fantastic in plastic! Start by pairing a pink top with some flare pants, jeans, or a skirt. The more pink the better, but reds, whites, and neutrals mixed in will work, too. Then, make the costume your own with accessories related to something you love. Maybe you’re a biology Barbie with goggles and a lab coat or a sleeping Barbie with slippers and an eye mask. Or maybe you’re just Ken. In that case, find a short-sleeve button-up shirt — bright or pastel colors are best — and pair it with some denim shorts or swim bottoms, sunglasses, and whatever else you’d wear to… beach. 

Express to impress. Let an everyday expression serve as the inspiration for a one-of-a-kind look. Grab a friend and dress as “rain or shine” with all-blue and all-yellow outfits or be a “blessing in disguise” in camo print and a halo  – or white headband). If all of the expressions out there make for an overwhelming “perfect storm” of a decision, try styling a favorite song lyric or album title instead.

Sports player. This easy, tried-and-true costume can be achieved with a single T-shirt or jersey from your favorite sports team. Match it with a hat, some eye-black, or even add some uniform pieces or equipment and consider this look a touchdown.

Embrace the randomness. Still can’t decide? Opt for the “random” look and let everyone else wonder what you are. Choose an outfit of bright and mismatched colors, layer on the jewelry and accessories, play with silly hairstyles, and experiment with vibrant makeup and face paint