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Oles in the workforce: Brandon Cash

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Photo by Megan Lu/The Olaf Messenger


Student activities are important to the St. Olaf campus community, and Brandon Cash ’16 is one of the crucial people involved in making them happen. Whether he is on the ice rink after first years arrive on campus, in his office having one-on-one meetings with students, or at a Pause Dance, Cash is always involving himself in student life and trying to get to know the student body that he was once a part of.


Like many students on the Hill, Cash was heavily involved with the music scene during his undergraduate years. He explained that he originally wanted to be a choir teacher, but changed his mind while working in Residence Life. 


“I discovered my passion for working with students,” Cash said in an interview with The Olaf Messenger. 


After graduating with degrees in music and psychology, Cash went to Graduate School at Miami University of Ohio. There, he got his Master’s in student affairs and higher education. He then worked at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. 

“I worked in their residence life as well and had an absolute blast,” Cash continued. “I am so grateful for my first post-grad job.”


Cash returned to St. Olaf in 2019 as Director of Student Activities. His job is very involved with the student body and he helps to communicate the needs of students to faculty. 


“One of the things that I love about what I do is that it is impossible to have two days that are exactly the same,” Cash said. 


Every day, Cash is talking with different people. Sometimes he meets with different faculty from across campus, but most of the time, he meets with students. 


“Much of my day is being in conversation with people about what they’re excited about and what they want to do,” he said. “I love that students are excited to talk to me.”


Recently, Cash won the Outstanding Orientation, Transition, and Retention (OTR) Professional Award, which recognizes the contributions of a professional to the three OTR values: orientation, transition, and retention. 


“I found my passion for higher education at St. Olaf, and I see a niche that I can help fill,” Cash said.  


This summer, Cash will start a hybrid program through Colorado State to receive his doctorate where he plans to continue studying higher education and college students while simultaneously continuing his work on the Hill.