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The Quarry’s history and future


The Quarry is St. Olaf’s literary and fine arts magazine. It features a variety of creative works, all by the students at St. Olaf. The magazine was founded in 1923 and it is one of St. Olaf’s oldest student-run publications. The Quarry is a yearly printed publication that is released each spring in full color. As well as publishing their magazine, The Quarry actively supports the arts and other student-led organizations across campus.


At its start, The Quarry exclusively published literary works, but since then, the magazine has grown to accept all forms of art and strives to question the social constructs around what art can be. In the letter from the editors of edition 101 of The Quarry, the reader is encouraged to challenge their perceptions of what art is and what it could mean. This is one of the biggest missions of the most recent edition. 


The most recent magazine is full of works from 37 different student artists. The works typically alternate between written art and a graphic of some kind, and the nature of the works are expansive and unique. 


While every spring there is a new gallery that is released, in the fall, The Quarry publishes an Amplify Zine meant to bring the work of underrepresented artists to light. This fall, The Quarry’s edition of the Amplify Zine published art by individuals who fall under the trans umbrella. This Amplify Zine and the galleries and zines from years past are available for viewing on The Quarry’s website. 


Featured also on the website is a page from November 2023 called “Voices Against Oppression: Art for Palestine.” On this page, a collection of poems, prose, and various artwork all made by students speaks against the oppression and genocide happening in Palestine.


The Quarry is available to read on their website. Students who wish to submit artwork for the next editions can find the submission portal online.